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Bridal Makeup

Services Can Include:
Bridal Makeup

A 75 minutes session on the wedding day including simple skin prep, body makeup (blemishes, burns, bruises), light tweezing if needed/requested, and customized individual lash application.

Moms and Maids Makeup
Pre-Wedding Trial

In this 75-90 minute session we'll go over any concerns, try out different lip colors, and walk through your look step by step to make sure it's exactly what you want!

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Ellery Camille applying makeup to her face.Ellery applying makeup to a client with a deft hand.Ellery Camille smiling for the camera.

Lessons & 

Services Can Include
In-Person Lessons

These lessons can include full face lessons, eyes only, or a tailored plan to what you are hoping to improve on. We will use your makeup to make it easy for you to replicate everything we work on!

Online Lessons

Whether you are looking for basic lessons, videos of my routines and techniques, or something more advanced, I would love to work with you no matter how far away you are!

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Custom Events

I love to provide custom and catered services for a variety of different occasions. Have an idea that isn't listed here? Reach out! I am would love to help you make your occasion extra special!

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Ellery applying blush to her cheek.Ellery Camille applying eye makeup to her face.